Key Concepts

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Surinamese Based

Customer Focus

We believe that the emphasis should be on YOU the customer, and deliver as promised 100% of the time !

Our Careers

Lunar Solutions consists of Miguel Kuster [SR] and Max Vernon [GB], two seasoned veterans in the web and graphics design industry with more than 25 years worth of combined experience. 

With so many businesses now selecting Lunar Solutions to design and develop their websites, it is important to us that we continue to advance in the web design, technology and marketing fields. As such, we are pleased to offer clients Integrated SEO.

Having your website designed and built professionally will single-handedly boost your company image and provide the best platform from which to grow your business. The next step you should take is to ensure that your website is optimised for Search Engines such as Google and Bing. We have developed an Advanced SEO Programme which has been specifically created to help boost your website's presence on Search Engines.

SEO is an area of the web industry which is often over-hyped and under-performed. Too many businesses are promised top rankings or unachievable results. If becoming No. 1 on Google was that easy, we would all be there!

As there are only 10 slots on the first page of Google, it is impossible to "guarantee" a ranking. However, we can do a great deal to increase your site to its highest possible rank and ultimately, increase the number of people viewing your website.

What we do

Every website is unique, we research the correct keywords to match your websites theme.
Using these keywords correctly throughout your website will not only attract visitors from the Search Engines for free, the visitors you receive will be targeted traffic, i.e. interested in what you are selling or providing.
Once your website is optimised we will market your website, this increases search engine rankings as well as directly increasing more traffic.

Our Aim

"Ours", as in yours and ours.
The best person that knows your business is you, so working together using your knowledge will increase your website’s size, visitors and open up more traffic building opportunities.
Our aim is to get you on page 1 of all the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN(Now for many different keywords. Doing this correctly and you are on to a winner.


Delayed Re-Action

All work and marketing on your website will not reflect in the search engines straight away. Search Engines can take up to a few months to find any changes.
Improvements that you see today could be work that was done over 4 weeks ago, doing a little every month keeps increasing traffic and aiming your business in the right direction.

We Believe In

  • Quality Design Work
  • Customer Focus
  • Timely Delivery
  • Professional Support
  • Exemplary Customer Support

Care & Services

  • Great After Hours Support
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Full Business Branding


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